1. Miss Arizona

From the recording But There's Nowhere To Go

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I used to love a girl named Arizona
She was born in the sun
diggin’ for gold, covered in dust
and suckin’ on a gun
afraid of the shadow she cast on the sand
when she was on the run
and prayin’ to some strange god
about being born again
she’s a national teasure
in the clothes of an orphan
she’s my closest friend
Miss Arizona
Dont Ya Break my heart again
Old Sheriif Joe
Keeps his wife in a cage
she wears a wrought iron wedding ring attached
the the end of a rusty old chain
she got 100 years of prohibition, heartache and pain and and a number for a
name name
and he left her to burn
in the valley of the sun
and it looks like her freedom
though holy and sacred
will never be won
when old sherrif Joe starts Shining his gun
Sheriff Joe Raped Arizona
And she gave birth to a son
he made his fortune smuggling dope
children and guns
Chasing the ghosts of immigrants form the border towns of Mexico
to the halls Washinghton
and now he’s building a wall
to hide all his sins
and losing his soul and stackin’ those bricks
waltzing on the head of a pin
you can’t entertain Angels
if you don’t let them in
you can’t the entertain Angels
if you don’t let them in