From the recording But There's Nowhere To Go

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South of Babylon
John wayne’s dead/but his guns are drawn
bodies are scattered on the white house lawn
gabriel’s in first class/waitin’ to blow
his horn for the children in the golden ghetto
faith is all ya need/to get those bombers hummin’
lockstep in time to the death march drummin’
cast out your eye less it kill your heart
the obedient aint guilty they just play their part
strike up the band and load up the bombs
and ring all the bells in babylon
we are the sons and the daughters of cain
born in the filth a million miles from rain
we’re diggin’ up diamonds and we’re polishin’ gold
we sit on our hands and we do what we’re told
so bow your head it won’t be long
till you hear those bells ringing...south of babylon
who built the market/who’s minding the store
who’s the thief in the temple between me and the door
the sky is empty/but he can’t look up
he’s drinking his poison from a golden cup
John wayne’s dead/but his guns are drawn
bodies are lyin’ on your front lawn