From the recording But There's Nowhere To Go

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the taste of blood and leather mixed in his mouth
feel the east river wind blow
canvas underneath his back. starin’ at the lights like angels
He put on one hell of show
being champ can be heaven
and it can be hell
you better have something left to sell
when you’re a southern boy, with fists of iron
swingin’ on the 4th of july
Black or white you were’nt afraid
you knew you were...
fightin’ on god’s side
you said “you can run but you can’t hide”
they stole your money not your pride
Hey Joe
when you needed them so
Hey Joe
where did your country go
and heard those thunderclouds call your name
you laid down yor crown
you stared into the darkness of that gathering storm
but you did not back down
you showed them your heart they saw your skin
In your shadow they hid their sin