From the recording But There's Nowhere To Go

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At the Center of a circle
At the point of no return
Tryin’ hard to forget
All the lessons we have learned
Standing frozen in the ashes
of an empire that’s burned
with our eyes fixed upon
the serpent that has turned

and crawled from the the fire
that scorched the earth
and all the places in between
we count our footsteps from
our death to our birth
and with our blood anoint the king

in the garden of machines

you say your holding out
for better than me
but you’re runnin’ outta aces under that
heart on your sleeve
lookin over your shoulder
what is it you hope you will see
A statue begging for forgiveness
you know it wont receive

carved from the stones
we stole from the earth
and built the temples of our dreams
and count the gold
our children’s lives are worth
and don’t believe the signs we’ve seen

in the garden of machines

we rise from the ocean
to conquer the earth
and all the hills that once were green
and count the days from our death to our rebirth
and pick the bones until they're clean

in the garden of machines