1. Nowhere To Go

From the recording But There's Nowhere To Go

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Like A train
At the end of the line
Like an Old Race Horse
Crippled and Blind
Like A dog
On the killing Floor
Like Livin in a tomb
without a door
Waiting in the Dark for the horn to blow
trapped like a Soldier in Jericho
There’s Nowhere To Go
aint no call
from the governors line
The Calvary Aint comin’
in the nick of time
the sea is burning
and the stars are gone
the rivers are bleedin’ and it wont be long
we’re standing on a bomb thats ready to blow
diggin’ throught he fallout and the afterglow
There’s Nowhere To Go
theres an unatural attraction
addicted to distraction
got us trapped
stone frozen ice
we want in all right now
and we want it half price
there aint no more holy moutains
to crumble down and hide us
only temple ruins
deep inside us
to wake
or didvide us
There’s Nowhere To Go